WhatsApp to require Biometric security for web and app linking

In a move to enhance security amongst its users, WhatsApp has introduced a biometric feature. This new feature will require users to use face ID or biometric to kink their accounts with their PC. 

Face ID or Biometric required for PC  linking 

 Every year, innovations are launched to make applications and social media services safer. On Thursday, WhatsApp users who want to link their accounts to their PCs will be required to use the face ID or fingerprints for authentication. 

This type of security was developed to help hinder other people from linking WhatsApp that isn’t theirs. According to WhatsApp, these authentication processes can only be done on the user’s mobile device discreetly. 

What this means is that a user will have to manually do the biometric, and not use biometrically storied on. The device operating system. The tech firm announced it is regularly adding security protocols to mitigate identity theft and protect user privacy.

The feature will reduce unethical usage of users WhatsApp account 

It says there is an unethical use of others’ accounts which must be discouraged at all costs. Once a user does their biometric, they can access their QR code from their device, which will be used to complete the linking process. 

 “ This process will reduce the chance that neighbors or flatmates will link our WhatsApp account behind the owner’s bank. This shows that security is our watch-word today. Users will always see a pop-up notice whenever they want to link their devices anytime“ WhatsApp says in a statement.

Last week, WhatsApp had to contend with users’ backlash over their proposed privacy upgrade which will force users to accept the terms or be banned. Many users didn’t understand the need for this new upgrade and registered their displeasure by migrating to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. The firm in a bid to avoid a mass loss of customers has since suspended the plan till further notice.