What should you know about Facebook chatbots?

Chatbots are chat robots used by companies to improve communication with their customers. It simulates a real conversation with a human on the internet. It is now found on several sites and social networks like Facebook. Find out everything you need to know about Facebook chatbots in this article.

Introduction to the Facebook chatbot

Created in 2016, the Facebook Messenger chatbot is a communication web tool employed by several companies. It allows them to automate discussions with customers looking to purchase a good or service through their Facebook page. It is an application or software that is very easy to design and therefore within the reach of everyone. Click here to have these details The main principle of the chatbot is to welcome the customer, to discuss with him in order to understand his request and to satisfy it. With Facebook having more than 2.7 billion users, the Facebook Messenger chatbot allows companies to extend their market to a larger territory. It represents a real business tool.

Creating a Facebook chatbot

Creating a Facebook chatbot doesn't require professionalism but it does require a minimum of knowledge about how it works. Today you have different methods to create your chatbot but the most recommended is the Chatfuel platform. The creation of your chatbot will follow the following steps: - Choosing the type of chatbot: This step is the first in the creation of your chatbot. You will first have to start your registration by registering with your Facebook details. You will then be able to choose the name and type of your chatbot. It will depend on the type of service you want to offer. Finally, connect your chatbot to your Facebook account and that's it. - Automate the conversation: This step will depend on the type of chatbot you have chosen. You can choose beforehand the different answers that your chatbot will give to the customer according to his request. - Customisation: You can add some features to your chatbot as you wish. For example, send a guide, make an appointment ... - Test the chatbot : Play the customer to make sure your chatbot is reliable.