What should I do if my PC charger goes dead?


Your battery can no longer charge properly? The charger is out of order, that's why it keeps getting hot. In such cases, there are some solutions to be adopted in order to eradicate the problem. This article will serve as a guide. Read it to get more information.

Locate the source of the problem

Solving this charging problem is synonymous with locating the source of the evil. So, first of all, you will have to unplug the charger for some time. Then power the PC on a different outlet to find out if the problem is caused by electronic overvoltage. To detect if the problem is caused by the battery itself, you will have to remove it from the computer and try it on another PC. In this respect, the precise description available on this site will be of great help to you. The verification procedures are not limited to this. Don't forget to examine the entire length of the power cable. This way you can easily detect the problem if it is the cause. If the box smells burnt or is deformed, the problem is probably there. However, if you locate the problem in the charger, change it outright.

What if the connection between the laptop and the charger power cable doesn't hold?

Is the connection between the power cable and your PC not holding? There is a 98% probability that this connection is defective. Under these conditions, you need to clean the internal part of the cable after unplugging it, of course. To do this, you should use a stinck to clean all the dirt and air from the cable. If the problem persists despite the cleaning, check if one of the pins of the connector is twisted. If it is, contact a computer repairman to fix it.