Lost cat, what to do to find it quickly ?

There are more and more cases of missing pets that remain in most cases untraceable. A phenomenon often noticed in dogs and cats according to the figures recorded. The problem here is that most owners do not know where or how to conduct their search. In the following we will give you some useful tips on how to find your lost cat.

Conducting a smart search

When your pet, who is not used to being missing for several hours, goes away for several days, it is clear that you have to worry. However, for a cat, this does not mean that he is at the neighbor's. The most important thing is to use a strategic search. To learn more, visit this site right here.
The mistake cat owners make is to base their search on the outside without taking the time to check the inside of their home. According to statistics, about 29% of cats are found in their homes. An example of this is a cat that was reported missing but was eventually found hiding in a half-finished cinderblock patio right in front of the home. So starting your search by looking at hidden corners of the house at night when everyone is sleeping would be more effective than during the day. Try to attract him by using the old technique of good food. Cook a delicious meal like grilled fish or something and place the food in the middle of your living room. He will come to eat if he is in or around the house.

Search for the cat in his favorite places

Search all the nooks and crannies of your home while being alert for those meows. These calls may be very faint because he is in a dangerous situation or may be sick or trapped. In case you haven't found him in the house, go out and look for him in your surroundings, in places where he has already been once. It is not enough to look for him for a few days to conclude that he is dead or permanently missing. You can share his picture in a publication on social networks or stick posters all over the street.