How to make voice commands in the home automation system?

Home automation is an automated management system. The network works according to a command-execution system. So it is possible to make voice commands in order to satisfy your desires. It important is then to know the means of voice communication.

Accessories for making a voice home automation command

To have a voice home automation control, you necessarily need an Arduino, Bluetooth, a relay, and Android. Indeed, the Arduino is a microcontroller card providing the connection. It is located on the ATmega328P. A USB connection is incorporated. The additional reading is important to refresh the memory. Using a USB cable or a power adapter, the Arduino is connected to a computer. The basic connections are then established and the voice command can take place. The Bluetooth allows establishing an efficient connection between the microcontroller and the Android phone. The HC-05 Bluetooth is preferable to ensure good connectivity. You just need to connect the Bluetooth profile and the Android platform. Thus, the voice home automation control can be performed. The relay is an electromagnetic switch. Of course, it allows to start and stop the voice home automation control. A 5 v 2 relay is the most suitable. Android is one of the first operating sources. So it can be used for free for home automation voice control at home.

The advantages of voice home automation control

The voice method for home automation is faster. This speed saves the internet connection. Just talk and the whole thing is done. The application of home automation voice control is more automated. It is possible to automate the whole home automation system as the voice recognition software is embedded in the Android system. This makes it even easier. All in all, the home automation system is proving itself in many areas. Security is the most important objective of a home automation installation. The voice home automation control ensures above all a great comfort and is more active.