How to become a private delivery driver ?

Today, there are more and more delivery platforms emerging. For this, the independent delivery business is gaining momentum. Home delivery is a free profession that best adapts to the micro-entrepreneur and self-entrepreneur profile. If you want to become a private delivery driver, there are conditions you will need to meet.

Becoming an independent parcel deliverer: how is it possible?

If you want to start as a private or freelance parcel deliverer, you need to make a list of steps first. First, you need to choose your legal status carefully, taking into account revenue forecasts and development goals. Next, you will need to make a business plan to determine whether the project will be profitable or not by learning about parcel delivery platforms. 

After that, you will need to collect the necessary tools for home delivery services with the means of transportation. You can now begin the design process. Finally, be sure to know the regulations and tax regime that will be associated with your legal status. So, you can try here to get more information to use. 

Is there a difference between a parcel deliverer and a self-employed person?

The micro-business or the self-employed are the most popular type of personal business for carrying out a free parcel delivery business. On the other hand, the interest in home delivery activity in large communities is accompanied by the design of various dedicated platforms. These companies partner with several independent delivery people who are paid on delivery. 

The legal regime therefore represents an inflection of the sole proprietorship. It is since the 2015 reform that this regime has merged with that of micro-enterprises. This is the right way to start a free courier business. The self-employed or micro-enterprise scheme is generally the most suitable since it allows for self-employment. 

You will be able with this plan to create a small agency employing a staff of 10 people. By opting for this plan you will be able to exercise your activity and a personal career or your studies at the same time. However, remember that the micro-enterprise does not really represent a status. It’s more of a regime that comes from the statute of the private agency.