Ex-president Donald Trump heading towards acquittal as trial begins

As ex-president Donald Trump’s trial begins in February, there might be a twist in events. The former US President seems to have some supporters in the senate according to the latest votes.  

President Donald Trump unlikely to be convicted 

Former US president, Mr. President Trump seems to be heading for a reprieve as his trials start soon Just four Republicans joined their democrats’ counterpart in stopping an effort that deems charging Mr. Trump unconstitutional. 

The GOP senator, Mr. Rand Paul aimed to query the legality of charging an ex-president was stopped with a 55-45 vote. 

The voting shows that it will be hard for the house to get the required two-thirds to charge the Ex-US leader. “ Just forty-five votes mean, we have seen the end of the trial. Where will they get other votes? “ Senator Paul told the media after the senate meeting. 

Senators on the republican platform are Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania Lida Murkowski of Alaska, Ben Sasse of Nebraska was part of those that sided with the democrats to stop Mr. Tom’s effort to quash the trial. Taking sides with the Democrats to charge the ex-president doesn’t mean they will vote to convict him though.  

Democrats leader insisted that ex-president must face senate trial 

The majority leader of the senate Mr. Chuck Schumer said Paul’s motion was "ill-advised" and "immature". He stated that history supports the Democrat position and that the Senate has the power to try an ex-president or any government official for that matter. 

Talking on the house floor, Mr. Paul has called the trial ‘ a sham’ while insisting that Trump had only called in the protesters to have their voices heard peacefully.“ This trial is unnecessary and unfortunate. Are we going to charge every politician and put them in jail “?

GOP's senators like Roger Wicker, Jini Ernst, and Mike Braun are also not sure if Mr. Trump could be tried, which suggests many senators support the acquittal on that basis.

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