China threatens Taiwan with the war over independence claims

The tension between China and Taiwan has continued with the former issuing a war threat. Beijing has warned that any secession from Taiwan will be resisted. 

Secession will be met with military force—China’s military 

China has issued a stern warning to Taiwan to desist from its independence acts or face the full wrath of the Chinese government. This warning comes a few days after China increased its military efforts close to the island. 

This comes as President Joe Biden of the US reaffirms his government’s aim to support any move from Taiwan to gain independence. In a statement released on Thursday, the White House called China’s stance on Taiwan independence“ unfortunate and sad” adding that issues like these could only be settled at the table and not by force.

China’s position on Taiwan is that of a breakaway state, while Taiwan considers itself a sovereign nation. 

“We are telling the Taiwan government not to be okay with fire, or they will suffer terribly. Any move by Taiwan to be independent will result in war“ Wu Quan China’s military spokesperson warns. 

Military activities in Taiwan province for security reasons 

Quan also claims China’s recent military activities were important to address the security issues around the Taiwan peninsula and protect China’s interest.  The US responded saying, 

“We find the comments credited to the Chinese government as unfortunate and unwarranted, and are not aligned with the Taiwan relations act which we are obliged to adhere to,” John Kirby, Pentagon press official said. 

John added that there is no reason for tensions to rise or lead to stern warnings. Peace is what is needed by everyone. The US government will continue to put pressure on China on issues ranging from human rights, economic disputes, Hongkong, and Uighur dehumanization.

Robin Brandt, an expert in Asian affairs said that China’s threat should be taken seriously. President Xi Jinping has always been a leader who will use military force to quell any dissenting voice.