Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools When summer offers blue skies, bright sunshine and warm temperatures, a dip in the cool water is perfect. If there's even a pool in your own backyard for that, happiness is perfect. But which pool is best for you, and what should you pay attention to when buying and planning? Here you will find everything that is important when choosing a pool.

Which pool for the garden? The most important criteria.

Which pool is right for you depends on a variety of factors: Do you have a lot of space in the backyard or not? Is your budget large or small? Do you want the kids to splash around in the pool or swim laps? There are pools for your own backyard for every taste and budget. You can browse around these guys if you want to see more information. Before you buy, you need to think carefully about what you want from your pool. The following criteria are helpful: 

- Pool size: From small wading pools up to 10 square meters to large 40 square meters, a wide variety of models are available. If you want to swim laps, choose a pool that is at least 10 m long.

 - Pool shape: The choice is yours: There are round, oval, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal pools. Elongated pools are best for swimming. 

- Depth of the pool: The depth of the pool bottom is also important in choosing a pool. A family pool should ideally have a depth of 1.20 m to 1.80 m maximum. 

Which above-ground pool is best?

Which pool is the right one if you want to cool off quickly in hot weather? Many swear by the entry-level models: inflatable plastic above-ground pools. They can measure up to 5 m in diameter. The water depth is usually 90 or 120 cm. The advantages of this entry-level class are the low effort and the low price. In terms of maintenance, a large inflatable wading pool is low maintenance.