2 steps to elaborate your SEO audit

The display of a website in the first results of search engines implies a good performance of this site. To improve the natural referencing of your website and its performance in the long term, it is imperative to perform a good SEO audit. To do this, various processes come into play in a given chronology. What are the steps to develop a good SEO audit?

Improve the crawl rate and study the keywords

This step is of paramount importance in the development of a good SEO audit. The crawl rate is the power of the search engines to go through your site. It is thanks to the crawl that your page will be located on the net to appear in the SERPs. Indeed, the algorithm of search engines does not allow them to browse all the contents of your web site
Moreover, the improvement of the Crawl rate is followed by the analysis of the keywords. Here you have the possibility to use SEMrush, Monitorank to study the keywords of your website. Also, be aware of the new trends thanks to Google Trends and don't forget to establish the ten keywords on which you should position yourself.

Keep an eye on the position of your competitors' keywords and optimize your website's technique

You need to have a clear and up-to-date idea of what is happening on the keyword positioning of your competitors' sites. This is how you will be able to detect the strong points and the keywords that did not cross your mind in order to improve those that are on your web page. This is why you should regularly elaborate the SEO audit of your website. You can also compare your website's keywords to those of your competitors. SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and UberSuggest are the ideal tools to make this comparison optimal. 
On the other hand, use Google Speedy Insight to monitor the speed of your site and improve it by improving the technical aspects of your website