2 important things to know about web hosting

The hosting of a website consists in putting it on a storage space in order to allow users to access it from their browser. This is done on remote servers that can also be used to host databases. You will discover in this article the essentials to know about hosting.

What is the purpose of web hosting ?

When a website is created, it is associated with an address (a domain name) that allows users to visit it using a web browser. It is in a way the very identity of the site. In order for it to function properly and be accessible from a distance, the files that make it up as well as its contents must be stored somewhere on the Internet. This is where web hosting becomes essential. In other words, hosting is what allows a site to be visible on the Internet and to exist. It is a virtual residence in which the content of your platform is stored.

How does a web host work ?

A web host or hosting company has a collection of servers (corresponding to powerful computers), which run 24/7, on which it stores the data of the sites it hosts: this is also known as a data center. Each hosted website has an IP address that is associated with its domain name registered with a registrar (domain name registrar). When an Internet user types in the address of the site in his browser, the request is sent via the Internet to the remote server which searches the database for the desired content in order to return a response. If all goes well, the requested website is displayed and the user can browse its pages. 

The web host uses advanced technologies and respects a rigorous security protocol to guarantee a permanent and fluid access to the websites it hosts. The equipment is administered and constantly maintained by competent and very dynamic technicians.